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America, HI
  March 12, 2021

Steven is a pleasant and friendly guy. However, folks are not paying People's thousands of dollars to talk to a pleasant and friendly guy. We are paying thousands to get things done on time. Steven had 45 days to complete underwriting. He had all documentation needed by day 15. 4 days before close, with no prior warning that anything was amiss, he suddenly told me, the title company, and both agents that we might not close on time. Needless to say everyone was floored at how late notice had been given, and at the fact that it took over 45 days to do his job. He tried to blame the title company, but they had sent him everything he needed a month prior, and had proof of that. We closed one week late, and only because of heroics by a manager at People's in getting documents back to/from the underwriter.

In addition, I was frequently asked for documents or explanations of documents 2-3 times even when I had submitted them week(s) prior and received confirmation that they had been received and understood. Something about the process or people there is disorganized.

Based on my experience, I would never recommend People's Mortgage to anyone for any reason, ever.

Houston, TX
  February 28, 2021

Steven helped me all the way through the process! Anytime I didn’t understand something, he called and explained it to me. The program helped save me so much money!

Southaven, MS
  February 19, 2021

All staff was so friendly and helpful!

Safford, AZ
  February 8, 2021

So very pleased with my experience! Thank you!

Greensboro, GA
  January 21, 2021

I am very pleased with my home buying experience. I felt connected and informed throughout the process. Steven was very attentive and listened to me and was willing to answer questions when needed. He was very professional and I so appreciate him!

Glen Burnie, MD
  January 2, 2021

Steven made the home buying process extremely easy and was helpful every step of the way!

Orange City, FL
  December 18, 2020

As a first time homebuyer, my mortgage officer answered all my questions promptly. Due to a delay in the new roof re-appraisal report, we were a day late closing, but I know that the people at people's mortgage were doing everything they could to hurry along the process and carry my case forward. In any case, the home-buying process wasn't as difficult as I expected, made easier through this company I believe. Thank you, I love my new home!

Mansfield, TX
  December 15, 2020


Washington, DC
  December 14, 2020

Amazing experience! Very hands on, knowledgeable, and available! Can’t wait to refer others! Thank you!

Seattle, WA
  November 25, 2020

Working with Steven and People’s Mortgage was such a blessing in the process of buying a house! They made all of the paperwork not feel so daunting! They were quick in the underwriting process and helped to make sure that I would be clear to close as quickly as possible!

Lawrenceville, GA
  November 24, 2020

It was a pleasure working with Steven as a first-time homebuyer. Steven was knowledgeable, professional, and helpful. He was always quick to answer our questions, and he did a great job walking us through the mortgage application process.


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